What is The College Prep Project?

Our goal is to create a system where students are supported by us from the time they step foot in high school to when they graduate college.

1. 9th graders will receive a mentor, who is an incoming college student. This relationship will last over the course of 4 years.

2. The 9th grader will receive help in an individualized fashion. A vital aspect of this mentorship is every step through the college application process. However, college prep starts far earlier than your first application. Mentors will help with choosing high-school courses, extracurriculars, mental health, and any obstacles that may come up.

3. In return, mentors will receive a $1,000/yr scholarship, aid with all aspects of mentorship, and a fantastic experience that they can rely on for post-graduate goals. They are also encouraged to add/swap additional mentees from their community, in order to help them pay it forward.  

How to Help

Donate to our organization to help hundreds of students fulfill their passions!

In order to provide this scholarship, we will need an endowment of $15,000 per scholarship. 

We are currently applying for grants and raising money through our services, but your donation can make a huge difference!

Future College Students Needed!

We can help you find the school that fits you, apply successfully, and help you pay!

Part of your payment will go to helping our vision come to life! The rest will go to helping college students fulfill their passion!

College Students Needed!

While we cannot offer a scholarship, we can offer you a way to make some money while helping to build a system that will help hundreds of students.

Apply now to become a mentor! We will train you in what you need to know, and put you in touch with students & families that need your help!

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