Our Mission

The College Prep Project aims to provide mentorship and guidance to college-bound high school students. We connect high school students with college students in order to facilitate a successful college discovery and application process. It is paramount that we help students regardless of academic ability and background. Additionally, it is important that we help students find schools that best suit their wants and needs. 

Our Services

How We Can Help

These are just some of the many ways we can help during our meetings. 

Navigate the Athletic Recruiting Process

We will match you to a Princeton University athlete who will help guide you through the process—reaching out to coaches, understanding the timeline, recruiting rules, scholarship offers, etc. 

Studying in the U.S. as an International Student

We will match you to an international student who is fresh out of the process. They will help guide you through the TOEFL, applying for visas, life in the U.S., working while you are in the U.S., etc.


We will help you learn what internships are, how to apply for them,  how you can get academic credit for them, etc. 

Finding the Right College

We'll help you narrow down your college list to find the right college for you.

Editing Applications

We'll help you edit scholarship and college applications for content, clarity, structure, and grammar.

Locating and Applying for Scholarships

We'll help you find scholarships and build habits in order to apply on a regular basis. Additionally, we'll show you strategies to find scholarships with the best odds of winning.

Getting Great Letters of Recommendation

We'll help you develop strategies to get a letter of recommendation that stands out.

Building Study and Time Management Skills

We'll help you develop long-lasting study and time management skills that you'll be able to carry with you throughout your college and professional journey.

Finding the Right Major

We'll help you find the best course of study for you (i.e., majors, minors, etc). We'll work with you to come to a thoughtful decision, and we'll provide the resources for you to connect with individuals in your area of interest.

SAT/ACT Overview

We'll help you learn what's involved in taking the tests and what kind of preparation is necessary.

LinkedIn Workshopping

We'll help you build a LinkedIn that stands out and allows you to show off your strengths to both colleges and employers.

Resume Workshopping

We'll help you build a breathtaking resume. Specifically, we'll provide sample resumes, and help you structure your resume in a concise way using action verbs and quantitative data. When you're done, we can even send it off to a real recruiter for their feedback.

College and Job Interviewing

We'll organize mock interviews and help you hone in on your communication skills.

Paying for College

We'll help you develop strategies and plans for paying for college. College is expensive and we want to help you become financially savvy when it comes to FAFSA/Federal Aid and loans.

Research and Extracurriculars

We'll help you learn ways to engage outside of the classroom, whether it's involvement in research, extracurriculars, personal creative projects, or the like.

Special Considerations

Professor Owl offers assistance to students in our community who do not have the financial resources they need to successfully navigate the college preparation and application process. We welcome and encourage you to reach out for our help.

We also work with homeschool students. With two members of the team who grew up homeschooled, we recognize that these students have limited resources when planning for higher education. We want to help!

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